Milano Mannequins As natural as it gets

A window display that attracts every eye, what is the secret behind it?

Beautiful clothes of course, but much more than that, it is the mannequins on which these garments are displayed. Whether black, white, bronze or silver, they never fail to capture ones attention, especially since they are Milano Mannequins.

Milano Mannequins is a new visual merchandising company which was established in Lebanon beginning 2010. Milano Mannequins modelled its mannequins after real-life models. With the huge success of its display mannequins, it expanded its collection to tailoring mannequins.

A visit to the Milano Mannequins Showroom on Zouk Highway is like a walk through a beauty farm for mannequins. From a Children’s Collection that greets visitors at the entrance to lifelike mannequins – male and female – with make-up and wigs. Abstract, headless and sculpted collections are beautifully arranged in elegant black-and-white and surrounded with fleshy tones. Interspersing these are torsos, heads, hands, bag holders, hangers, stands, and garment bags.